Monthly Archives: March 2016

Open Cam in U.S.A.

I Gues She doesn't  'Work It to the Bone'

Click on the Pic Cam.

Server’s Are Online Again… IE9+ Read the Post…

I'm done doing the Update's to the Software..

Ive Moved Some Cam's Around from one Server to the Next..

(Don't worry there still there somewhere...)


Upgraded the bandwith of the Router and move'd Cam's back to HTML5/ Flash streaming..

Hoping to get a better Frame-Rate on some Cam's.


Shamefully Internet-Explorer doesn't Support the Streaming of Flash

for the Desktop Version you can Download the Plugin ( from Google 🙂 ) on the Menu-Page

but the best result is to Install Firefox or Chrome


Oh yeah Image's from the Snapshot Database should be Upload to the G-Drive now,

Links for the Folder's are on the File-Share Page...


xxx this should be the last Down for a Couple of Month's xxx

Open Cam in Russia

And it's not the KGB this Time ...

Live Stream